Discover Emmons Avenue

For a fun adventure, try eating your way down Emmons Avenue in Sheepshead Bay. Sheepshead Bay has plenty to offer, especially when it comes to exciting food choices. The neighborhood is unique from anywhere else in Brooklyn, with it’s cerulean marina lined with fishing fleets and dinner boats, with immense mansions on one side, and Emmons Avenue, bouncing with seafood shacks and nightlife.

Emmons Avenue should be next on your foodie list to explore. Tackle this gastronomically special block and try some of the tastiest restaurants Brooklyn has to offer. Start with appetizers at Randazzo’s. Order some fresh seafood with their famous red sauce. After the delectable calamari or clams make your way to dinner at Yiasou Estiatorio. This family-owned Greek restaurant specializes in whole, char-grilled fish simply topped lemon and olive oil; simple and perfect! By just walking a few steps you will travel from Greece to the Middle East for a cup of authentic, strong coffee at the Masal Cafe and Lounge. If you are feeling extra adventurous, try the unusual salep; a thick, foamy white drink made from ground orchid tubers. Hopefully you saved room for dessert, because you can now go to Dessert Palace all year round and indulge. It used to only be open in the summer, but now you can try their famous gelato and crepes when you choose. Roll n’ Roaster might seem like a strange place for a nightcap, but it’s hard to miss the beautifully out of place $59.95 bottle of Moet Champagne.

It’s hard to imagine you can experience so many different cuisines and cultures in one afternoon on one block, but that’s the beauty of Emmons Avenue.