Coney Art Walls

Jeffrey Deitch, a well-known art dealer, has brought the craze of street art to Coney Island, next to Coney Smorgasburg. “Coney Art Walls” features work by more than a dozen graffiti and street artists, old-school and new, including Lady Pink, Daze, How and Nosm, Lee Quiñones, Swoon, Mister Cartoon, JR, Sheryo and Icy Signs, the storefront art project run by artist Stephen Powers.

Coney Art Walls centers around 1320 Bowery Street and covers more than 25 temporary walls. The artwork started to go up in May and will continue to go up as we run into September with no specific end date scheduled. The walls are used to create a pop-up summer village where concerts will be held, and food sold by vendors at Coney Smorgasburg.

One of the main attractions will be the artwork of How and Nosm. How and Nosm (Raoul and Davide Perre) are identical twin brothers who are known for their use of red, black, and white-based imagery in their large scale graffiti based murals. The combination of size and color palette, which has now become their calling card, makes it hard to ignore the magnificent murals the brothers are able to create.

Chris “Daze” Ellis is considered to be the veteran of the group and brings his own throwback style of graffiti to the walls. Daze has successfully conveyed an ongoing message about a segment of the urban cultural experience ignored by more conventional painters. Cartoon creatures are his main way of conveying his message. These figures are comically drawn, but beneath the pleasantness is a more serious subtext.

Jeffrey Deitch and Joseph J. Sitt have brought street art to a new level with their presentation of the Coney Art Walls. New York City, which is known for an array of graffiti, now has its own outdoor exhibit to showcase the true beauty of this artwork. Check out the Coney Art Walls at 1320 Bowery Street around a pop-up summer village while enjoying great food experience with the help of Coney Smorgasburg.

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